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5 Tips before hiring your car insurance policy

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5 Tips before hiring your car insurance policy

When we talk about our wellbeing and integrity, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are a driver, it is very important that you are prepared to face any unfortunate situation that might arise with you or with a third party with a car insurance policy that really is useful and covers the strongest expenses.

In addition, since this year Mexico requires, by law, that all motorists have car insurance of civil liability to be able to circulate. It is important that you have it by conviction, because after home and work probably your car is one of the places you spend more time, which raises the risk of an unfortunate event; From a tire rim to a major accident with serious consequences.

Maybe when you start looking for options you feel a little confused because there are so many variants that can be a little difficult to identify which are better safe, without letting you guide only for the cost.

Do we help you to quote the best cost and the most appropriate coverage?

Either way, an insurance policy for your car is not something expendable, so you better compare alternatives before buying and to do so take into account these 7 recommendations:

The cost of the policy varies, is higher for a new car or a luxury cart, than for an old or more austere one.
The type of insurance depends on the use you give to your car; If you are given a very basic use and only circulated in the city, you can pay a less extensive coverage, with higher deductibles and smaller payments. But if you use the car a lot and often go to the road, it is better to have a wider coverage.

If you prefer that the monthly, semester or annual payment of the insurance is less, you must prepare to cover a higher deductible and be forewarned with an emergency fund that can get you out of trouble.
You should also know before hiring if, in case of an accident, you have to pay the cash deductible or they offer you payment facilities.
Compares insurers ' benefits in terms of customer service, response time, coverage, and additional services such as crane support and medical care. They could be more costly, but worthwhile benefits in the event of an emergency.
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Considering these points you will be able to make a better decision when choosing the most appropriate insurance policy for your needs. Remember that it is better to resort to fast loans to cover a deductible than to cover all expenses that may arise from an accident; And even better would be to have an emergency fund to support the deductible.

A civil liability insurance that really serves you costs between 132 and 140 USD per year on average.

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