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10 situations that do not cover your car insurance

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11.01.2018 a las 02:00 hs 0 3 0

These are the 10 situations that do not cover your car insurance

At the time that we hire a car insurance inform us completely about all coverages that have one implies, it all depends on the type of policy you contract, either any ground that protects for every risk, or a policy that protects damage to third parties. Knowing this and knowing what our insurance supports us, how can we know what car insurance does not cover for us? There are different situations for each company and policies, but as such, you find the generals that apply to all insurance companies, these can be:

Damage caused by Purpose: applies when you get angry because the forward driver does not advance at the traffic light and arremetes with your car to the subject. Do not do this, the insurance will not respond for your desperate and impatient actions, so you will have to run all expenses for your pocket.

Robbery on the wife's side, children or employees: if you have lawsuits with your wife and ends up taking the car or your children take your car and go out of town and do not return it, you will not have support from the insurance because it is considered an abuse of trust and He will not be held responsible.

Damage to the glass with 20% of your payment: If by just a chance you stare with a bird or you drop a rock in the glass, the insurance will not leave you in limbo, help you pay, but you will have to give 20% of the cost of deductible.

Damage by construction works: When you go down the road and you stumble on a road work, and unfortunately some debris falls on your vehicle or a crane hits your car, the damage does not run for insurance, but for the company in charge of such construction work or the GOB Ierno if they are state works.

Drunk Driving: If you have a drunken accident, and the breathalyzer shows a degree of alcohol exceeded at the limit considered even "sober" the insurance will be disconnected from your duty and everything will go to your account for your irresponsibility.

Damage caused by leakage: if you hit someone and crashed a car, but decide to give you the leak and not stay in the area of the facts, then you want to make the bold and call your insurance to cover the damages of your car, they do not have the obligation to pay the go Polycarbonate, they will also not give you legal assistance if this goes to the judicial ends.

Street Racing: This should be considered logical. Making races, stings or arrancones with your car will not be considered as coverage for the insurance company.

Excess of people in the vehicle: most of the cars have a limit of 5 people to transport, if you exceed that limit with just and an accident happens, you will lose the right of payment of the policy, since they can be availed by the concept that the accident was PROVOC Due to the overweight of the vehicle, it is also irresponsible to exceed a meticulously plotted limit.

Rubber theft: Insurance does not cover stolen vehicle parts, such as a radio or tires, although there is a section of the policy where coverage extends to this range. However, tires will not be the responsibility of the insurance in any of the cases.

Fall of felled trees: if a tree suddenly falls in your car because of nature is acceptable, the policy will cover it, but if it happens to be logged you have the bad luck that you hit your car will not be responsible, the company or managers of logging D Eberán be the ones to answer for the blows.

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