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Aspects to consider before acquiring car insurance

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11.01.2018 a las 02:06 hs 0 1 0

Aspects to consider before acquiring car insurance.

If you are thinking about acquiring insurance for your car, here is a series of recommendations that you can follow, remember that anything is not at stake, but a patrimonial asset and it is important to consider the coverage stipulated in the whole Of the clauses of the contract as well as with which company will be carried out, which must be a prestigious company for its high responsibility and the time of response to possible events that could or may not happen against damages to third or to the own good. We can point out two types of insurance, one of compulsory nature, also known as liability insurance for those who do not secure their vehicle with a particular company, which is generally against all risks, however, may be the case That they do not cover damage caused by natural disasters and/or demonstrations or street riots. In this regard, it is important to note that all the clauses of the contract must be read before proceeding to the purchase and signature of the insurance before in order to be very clear of what the rights and obligations established by the policy between the insured and the company of SEG Uros.


Do not think more and do not stop acquiring it, as not only are the risks to the parts of the vehicle as such, its accessories or against third parties, which could such as materials, injuries and even death. On the other hand we can also point out the high incidences in any part of the world, related to theft and theft of vehicles as a product of the high criminal rate, seen in this way it is imperative to spare no effort to secure your car, as many People have had the misfortune of losing their vehicle as a result of theft, theft or total loss.

You must know the total back of the amount insured, which according to the insurance company and according to the cost of insurance, could be equated to the economic value of the vehicle for the time of the contract which serves as a reference in case of a claim.
Consider the services that the insurer can provide, so that knowing, can take advantage of it in the best way, which can be: Crane service in the regional territory or in any part of the country, (twenty-four hours of the day), substitute car, in Which, when a failure or collision arises resulting in the temporary absence of the car, the insured may have a vehicle for at least one week so as not to affect their needs for transfer from one place to another, as well as any conventions that may exist with the Some workshops.

The most economical insurance is not ideal because the cheaper, the less the coverage will be in case of loss, invest a little more in the fees you should cancel so that you can have greater economic protection.
Remember that you can pay for fees, cash and/or credit card, avoiding if you pay on time, to incur delinquencies that may affect your interests.

If you are one of those who think you never collide with anyone and therefore do not see an essential insurance for your vehicle, remember that many insurers provide additional services such as road assistance, inspections, among others.
You cannot be unaware that the insurer will usually not be held responsible when the driver is not licensed to drive and/or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It should be considered the age of the car, as if it exceeds 9 years, will not have the same coverage of a new car, however, if you have a career with the company to keep it active, there could be some reciprocity, which must be clear from the beginning Between the insured and the insurer.

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