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Requirements for the basic compulsory motor insurance policy

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Requirements for the basic compulsory motor insurance policy

The insurance for cars required to travel, is the Civil Liability. That is to say, it is the safe one that will provide protection to third parties, whether they are traveling, whether they go with you in the vehicle or pass passengers in another vehicle, provided that things are harmful in the event of a loss.

This type of insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that with any cause that causes damage to property or the person of a third party, you will be protected, at least, civilly.

You already know that you must have insurance yes or yes. Now, it is extremely important that the minimum conditions that the Obligatory Motor Insurance must contain. So now, we tell you what your basic policy should contain.

What data does the Law require that contains my policy?
It has been established by law, a series of requirements that must be present in the payment voucher that is delivered when hiring your services as an insurer.

Briefly, but in a complete manner, we state that the insurer must deliver to the insured a receipt that contains the following information:


·Policy Number
·Endorsement Number
·It must contain the voucher: Name, Address and Telephone number of the Insurer
·Validity of Coverage: From 12 hs. of the day / / until 12 o'clock of the day / /
·Insured Vehicle Data: at this point make sure all the data is correct !!
·Type of vehicle
·No of Motor
·No of Bodywork
·Signature and clarification of the insurer.

If you have any doubts about this, please do not hesitate to write in the comments below, or to contact us, so we can offer you more information if you need it.

That receipt should go with me everywhere?

Yes, or at least, as long as you are on your vehicle.

At first, it was not known that it was necessary to circulate with the proof of payment insurance or not, to be able to prove the validity of the insurance. As of today, it has been established that, if you do not carry with you the receipt of payment of the mandatory insurance premium, the reason may not be sufficient, the Verification Authority to resolve the non-compliance with the requirements for circulation.

I want to say that it is enough with what to do the voucher delivered by the insurer that must contain the data detailed above, so that it is considered appropriate to circulate within the compliance with the law. That voucher they give you is called POLLICE.

Now, you know the details of one of the most important documents when hiring car insurance.

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