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Why Hire Car Insurance?

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Why Hire Car Insurance?

Hire a Car Insurance

Buying a car but not insuring it can be a very high risk for your investment. In the streets, we must be prepared for any eventuality, regardless of gravity (beating, robbery, robbery ...), and with insurance, we gain daily protection against these and other situations, even the most unusual.

When we take out the insurance, we always hope we will not have to use it. In some cases, however, the lack of coverage makes all the difference. When leaving the garage, the car is subject to go through situations that may be very curious.

If you find exaggeration, know three stories that seem absurd, but they happened to three owners of vehicles.

Waking up in a nightmare

A day like any other. The owner of a car sleeps peacefully in his apartment while an intense rain falls outside. In the middle of the night, he is awakened by the porter of the building, warning that the water has invaded the underground garage and has already taken care of his vehicle.

Air conditioning in the roof

The owner of a car with a panoramic roof had an unpleasant surprise: while it was parked, the vehicle was hit by an air-conditioner badly fixed, outside a building, in the streets of São Paulo.

Imprudence and chance

A driver, who had just left the dealership with his new car, made the imprudence of not respecting the stop sign and hit another vehicle, hours after the acquisition.

Bad luck: the owner of the car had not made the immediate insurance and, therefore, needed to pay the damages of the two vehicles.

In the other two cases, however, the affected owners were quickly protected, since their insurance had coverage for the damages cited.

The Car Insurance is something that we do not want to use, but having it gives you the peace of mind you need to drive or leave your vehicle parked anywhere. Make a quotation, research plans and protect your means of transportation.

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