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Top 5: States with cheap car insurance in the USA

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13.01.2018 a las 17:50 hs 0 3 0

Top 5: States with cheap car insurance in the USA

Surely you're asking yourself this right now? "Are there really states with the cheapest car insurance?" Well, believe it or not, the answer is yes. And this is due to several factors that we will tell you in detail below!

Cheap Car Insurance: The 5 states with the lowest costs in USA
Car insurance companies often consider various factors when establishing the prices of auto insurance. In general, the most important are the driving record, the age of the driver and the years of experience behind the wheel, the type of vehicle, among others. However, there are other factors related to the geographical area that also influence when establishing costs, among them are: Annual crime rate, Rate of collisions or insurance claims, probabilities of natural disasters, among others.

Taking into account the aforementioned, a recognized firm specializing in claims for reimbursement for theft or accidents was given the task of listing the 5 states that, in their opinion, have the lowest rates in car insurance. Here we have it!

·Iowa. According to those responsible for this study, the state of the Midwest region of the country has an average annual attractiveness of $ 1.12, and this is due to the fact that the state does not have cities with high population density and a low rate of accidents.

·North Carolina. This great state, home to the first British colony in America, has an average annual cost of $ 1.36.

·Ohio. This great state, located in the Midwest region of the country, according to the study has a not inconsiderable annual average of $ 1.37. According to the experts, the secret of its low prices is found in the large amount of supply of the car insurance market in order to meet the needs of its population.

·New Hampshire The annual average of a car insurance policy is approximately $ 1,379, a price undoubtedly very attractive to many drivers throughout the nation.

·Maine. With an annual average of $ 1.40, it is the last state of this exclusive list. Some reasons considered by experts are its low population density and the low rate of crime and accidents per year of this great state.

Now you know! If you are a driver of any of these states, we would love to hear your opinions and experiences Leave us a comment at the end of this article! And if you're looking for the cheapest car insurance nationwide, do not hesitate to seek our expert help

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