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Safe cars: Create alert for tired drivers

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Safe cars: Create alert for tired drivers

Staying awake at the wheel is fundamental. Being attentive to the road and 100% awake directly affects the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and the vehicles that travel around you.

If you fall asleep while drive the chances that this will end in a traffic accident are very high, not to say that is likely to 100%.

The importance of having a car insurance
Before we go into the subject, we want to mention the importance of insurance coverage.

First, that your car has to be secured yes or yes, so that if you stop at a control you have no problems. Having insurance is compulsory.
Second, that if Chocás or collide, there are insurance companies that will economically support those involved in material damage or physical health, which have occurred. We know that the costs of car accidents are enormous... In those cases, nothing offers more peace of mind than having car insurance.

Safe cars

Technology in favor of life and the service of Man
The design of this system comes from the hands of Spanish researchers, who went into the issue of safety at the wheel.

Basically, it is a team that has four sensors, which do a reading of some physical parameters of the driver (which would indicate that it is highly drowsy) and also monitor its position at the wheel. From this data, if it detects danger in its reading, it starts to emit acoustic signals, which pretend to alert the driver.

Although there are already systems that by reading the movement of the eyes and the detection of faces, they would be collaborating with the safety at the wheel, it is argued that this creation of the Spanish researchers is much more, than what already existed.

In a note in the Rosario Plus, it is stated that: "The system consists of an electronic board that acts as the central processing unit, two pressure sensors located on the steering wheel and two others that measure the temperature of the driver and monitor both hands. It also includes a light sensor in the headrest that would alert you to possible head butting and a device (buzzer) that generates the audible alarm in case of detecting a state of fatigue or distraction. It is completed with a shock sensor that detects collisions or sudden braking and a button placed on the steering wheel that serves to reset the system after an alarm has been generated... "

Another interesting fact is that all the data taken by the sensors are stored in a micro-SD card for a possible post-processing task, in case of accidents or future studies.

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