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Safe travel: How to avoid sleep at the wheel?

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Safe travel: How to avoid sleep at the wheel?

Any monotonous and continuous activity that we execute, produces lethargy. Driving, is part of that group of activities. Being at the wheel, generates a certain tiredness and drowsiness, especially if you drive on route for long distances, because they are usually uniform paths, without variables in their journeys.

Taking into account the accelerated life rhythms of the day to day, that demand to get up early, to lie down late at night, etc., in short, the fatigue produced by the daily lives of our life, we will see affected our reflections, our capacity of resolution, etc., While we're driving.

Sleep at the wheel is a real and more common risk than you might think: road safety specialists say that approximately 3 out of 10 traffic accidents are due to drowsiness and sleep at the wheel.

While you are driving, the noise of the car, the road, the landscape, etc., is all so monotonous, that the dream you end up winning and without noticing you go from having heaviness to fall asleep; And even for a couple of seconds, closing your eyes and being "unconscious" behind the wheel is enough to have an accident.

The most relevant effects of mobilizing you with sleep at the wheel are:
Reduced vigilance and decreased reflexes: the nervous system and muscles relax, which leads to loss of control over yourself.
The reaction time is slower: the accumulation of waking hours negatively affects the reaction capacity. This effect, ends in that if you have to maneuver urgently, do not get to do it on time or indeed.
Appearance of "microsleeps": in minimum periods of time (2-3 seconds), awareness of driving, signs or other vehicles is lost.
Loss of visual acuity: causing blurred vision and increased fatigue and eye fatigue.
Safe Travel

To travel safely, avoid sleep at the wheel
First of all, note to take the necessary precautions, it is not always enough when it comes to avoid accidents, therefore, owe always have an insurer, that is at your disposal to simplify your life, in case of an accident.

Don't forget that you can travel safely hiring your car insurance. In 123Seguro. Next to us, you have the possibility to quote and/or hire your online insurance quickly, easily and at the best price!

Now YES! These are some of the keys that we recommend to follow so that the dream does not attack you and in this way you can travel you and your family safe.

The most important thing is that you sleep well and the hours that are necessary so that the next day you do not feel sleepy. Time will depend on each person. Recommended for 7 to 8 hours.
You will need to be careful with certain medications that may cause drowsiness, muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, etc. Make sure you read the leaflet.

The same is true of other substances that depress the nervous system, such as drugs, or alcohol. The best advice: do not consume anything when you need to be behind the wheel.
Try to avoid abundant, heavy and/or greasy foods. They'll make our body numb. To drive after eating better opt for a lighter meal.
It ventilates well the interior of the vehicle, because in a little ventilated space decreases the amount of oxygen and increases the amount of carbon dioxide, and that will make us sleep. You can do this by turning the air conditioner on or down the windows.
Try to rest after a while. We recommend that it be every 200 km approximately. Find a safe place where you can park, relax your legs, take air, etc., and then continue the journey more awake!
Always charge a bottle with water, to drink and keep you hydrated constantly.
These are the tips that we consider that you have to take the most into account when driving. There are other ways to avoid sleep, which can also serve you, such as: Use sunglasses, turn on the radio or listen to music, chew gum or eat candies, if you are accompanied converse with other people who go with you in the vehicle, etc.

Never forget that the slightest symptom of sleep, the best thing is to stop and rest for about 20 or 30 minutes, enough for the body and the mind to be reposed.
It's better to lose a few minutes of your life than to lose your whole life!!!

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