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The insurance for electric cars

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The insurance for electric cars

Electric cars are required to be insured at least with a liability policy.
There are products designed for this type of vehicle that include specific coverages such as theft of the recharge cable or roadside assistance due to battery failure.
Electric vehicles, also known as ecological, are gaining little by little more adepts. The most recent data made public by the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck manufacturers (ANFAC) Figures in 77% the increase in the registration of these vehicles until February 2015.

Each time there are more refill points that are an incentive for many drivers to opt for the purchase of an electric car because they are less limited when it comes to "refueling".

What does electric car insurance offer?

An electric car, like cars that are not, have the obligation to be insured at least with liability insurance. The regulation of compulsory liability insurance in the movement of motor vehicles does not make distinctions in terms of the fuel used by vehicles and states that all those considered "motor" must be insured. This standard is therefore extrapolated to cars and electric bikes. But what insurance do you have to hire?, are there any specific policies for this type of vehicle?

Cable theft
One of the most important elements of electric cars is the necessary cable to recharge the vehicle. Thus, these insurances usually contemplate the theft of the cable, component of high cost, as well as the subtraction of the insured vehicle.

Common coverage for traditional car insurance
Insurance for electric cars includes a large number of coverages common to traditional Car insurance aimed at protecting both the driver and passengers and the vehicle itself from damage that may suffer in a casualty.

In the same way as the other policies, these can be more or less complete depending on the mode of insurance that is contracted. Thus, it can cover from compulsory and supplementary civil liability to include driver insurance and more specific coverages such as legal defense, damage caused by hunting animals, replacement vehicle or property damage.

Specific insurance coverage for electric cars
Although electric vehicles are virtually identical to conventional ones, they have characteristics that make them completely different from those. The main difference is that to make it work it is not necessary to fill the tank of petrol or diesel but you have to plug it to recharge the battery, as if it were a mobile phone.

To meet the new needs of insurance companies have started to market insurance with specific coverage designed for these vehicles, thus offering a greater protection to customers. Among the covers intended for electric vehicles are:

Battery failure Assistance
Most electric car insurance includes roadside assistance in the event that the car is run out of battery or a failure occurs and requires being towed to the nearest workshop for environmentally friendly cars or even the dealer Chosen by the insured. Moreover, another of the most useful guarantees is the technical assistance on the road

Car insurance for (almost) all cars and people
Today's cars have almost nothing to do with those who were circulating on the roads a few years ago. Telematics increasingly become more prominent, cars without drivers are profiled as a reality, payment insurance as I drive increases little by little and there are policies adapted to different cars.

With this wide range of services and products it is essential to compare before hiring a concrete one to not be mistaken. "Rastreator" allows you to find the right fit for both your driver profile and your vehicle. So you can choose the one that includes the most complete protection.

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