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Border car Insurance

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Border car Insurance

To travel in your vehicle both in the United States and in Mexico, you must have a insurance, but in most cases, a single insurance does not work for each side of the border. In this situation, Protec offers insurance for border cars.

At Protec we offer a service considering the U.S.-Mexico border condition because we understand your need.

The border cars are foreigners with a minimum age of five years, which can be legally transported by the border between Mexico and the United States, because they have border vehicle plates. Only border residents can travel with these cars, and to be able to go to the rest of the Republic, it is necessary to have a six-month permit.

Comprehensive insurance for your car

If you live in Mexico, our car insurance covers losses or damages caused in case of theft, accident or total loss. Why wait for an accident to happen? Protect your own damage as well as those your vehicle may cause to third parties.

Insurance-for-self-border policy basic coverage of the border car insurance policy is annual and the payment method can be from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or cash:

·Property damage
·Total theft
·Civil liability for damages to third parties
·U.S. Civil liability
·Medical expenses to occupants
·Legal assistance
·Road assistance
·Civil liability in the United States is a separate policy that we give free in the purchase of the border car policy.

In addition, if you need additional protection, we can provide additional coverages such as:

·Elimination of deductible and return of premiums for total loss of property damage
·Extension of civil liability
·Special equipment, adaptations and/or conversions
·Car accidents to the driver
·Material damage to wheels and rims
·Excess civil liability
·Civil Liability Traveler
·Partial robbery

Having car insurance is protecting your integrity. Having car insurance is one of the obligations that we as responsible drivers must meet, as it not only takes care of protecting you, but also those involved in a car accident.

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