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All you need to know about car insurance

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17.01.2018 a las 19:10 hs 0 3 0

All you need to know about car insurance

After the earthquakes that affected different States of the Mexican Republic on September 7th and 19th the idea of having an insurance that protects their integrity, allows to protect their welfare and that of their loved ones becomes vital importance, since no one is exempt from S Ufrir mishaps, therefore, it is necessary to minimize the side effects when they occur.
The car-related product has the function of protecting the owner of the vehicle from a potential accident. There are different types of this product. For the experts it is very important to know the types of insurance that exist in the market and to have one, to identify to what type of situations will be covered.

"Indeed, ignorance affects the citizens a lot, in the first place many times we do not know that we have one and in the second we know that they are, but we do not really know the scope of the coverage that was hired. So the first thing you have to do is be sure what products you have, "explained Miguel Iván Hernández Arias, direct product manager at
In Mexico, according to the expert, the car insurance industry can be divided into two groups: on the one hand, there is the civil liability; This product is mandatory to circulate in Mexico City and federal roads.

"Since 2012 changed the law and it is compulsory to count on it. This insurance covers the damage you cause to a third party, but not to your own good, then in cases like what happened on September 19 would apply if, for example, your vehicle moves through the quake and hits a house or another car , but your car stays with the damage caused, "confirmed the expert.
On the other hand, there is ample coverage; This covers the insured for total theft of the car; That is to say, if someone steals your vehicle the insurer will cover the recovery costs.
Liability for damages to third parties and medical expenses are also included in this insurance. In case of an accident that causes damage to third parties, the insurer will cover the expenses necessary to compensate the victims, also will cover the expenses derived from the medical treatment for the injuries that have suffered those who traveled in the vehicle.
Finally, the insured in case of participating in a legal dispute related to his car, the insurer agrees to pay the legal advice and defense, if necessary.

Also, in the market there is a limited coverage figure, the difference between the wide and this is that the first covers the damage to the vehicle itself, while the last one does not.
Hernández Arias said that in addition to the foregoing, it also covers repair costs arising from an accident outside the driver's control as natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, lightning, explosions, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, Volcanic eruptions, among others), collisions or fires, etcetera.

For its part, GNP explained that before acquiring insurance it is important to think about the use it gives to your vehicle, who uses it, if it travels a lot on highways, their age, model of the car, etcetera, because these factors influence the cost and thus identify what coverage It suits you and your pocket.
It means that the best decision is a car insurance policy that supports you and prevents you from paying for medical repairs and expenses in your own pocket, but also a plan that fits your budget.

"In the case of earthquakes it is very specific how the damage is evaluated and whether it is covered or not. I will put an example: if there is a building and it falls for reasons attributable to it, because the building is the one that has to pay the damage to the vehicle. If a tree falls on top of it, that does apply to its coverage. What I recommend in general, because it is difficult the subject, is to contact directly with the insurer, explain very well what happened and always speak with the truth, "he said.

For his part, Blanca Velázquez, Metropolitan director of Qualitas, confirmed that there is still much to do in the subject of culture of insurance in our country and following the earthquakes expected to grow.
"I believe that many people do not see the conditions, nor the scopes, nor coverages. There are many insurers in the market all are serious companies, what is lacking is that if people have the capital to buy a vehicle, also be responsible for the damage that may cause and worry that a catastrophic event can lose their property. So we must strive because in the country educate themselves on these issues, because at the end of the day this helps to care for people's heritage, "he said.

What to do if the insurer does not respond

In case the insurer does not want to answer for the damages that the vehicle has suffered the affected one must file a complaint before the National Commission for the Protection and defense of the users of financial services ( CONDUSEF), which is the entity responsible for giving follow-up and a resolution. Also, Condusef makes available to people a car insurance simulator in which you will be able to know the cost, the different products offered by the insurance companies and the types of coverage.

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