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How to find the best car insurance 0km

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17.01.2018 a las 19:15 hs 0 1 0

How to find the best car insurance 0km

We have commented on many opportunities, that in Argentina, having car insurance is compulsory. This is established by law 24,449.

Beyond the obligation on insurance hires, having car insurance, as the owner of the vehicle, guarantees you an unpayable tranquility. When you acquire a 0km, you want to have it with a protective bubble so that nothing happens to it. With car insurance, especially if you contratás a risk insurance, you have the peace of mind that happens, whatever happens, with your car, there is an insurance company, willing to back you financially to repair the damage.

Today, we want to tell you through this post, what TIPS you have to take into account, to hire the best insurance for 0km.

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Before the TIPS, we remind you that a comfortable and easy way to hire your insurance, goes hand in line with online insurance.

Car insurance 0km

How to find the best car insurance 0km?

The variety of insurance policies for a new car, is the widest in the market. We consider that the most important thing when choosing the type of insurance for your vehicle, is that you focus on what your priorities are on insurance, ie: do you want to hire the best insurance or want to economize?
That said, let's then the TIPS to hire the best car insurance 0Km:
from 17 to 20

Value reset to 0km: When you have a new car, the ideal would be to have an insurer that offers this coverage. Thus, if for example they steal your vehicle (within the first year of policy, this may vary according to the company) the insurer will indemnify you with the value of the vehicle to new. The same will happen in cases such as: total motor fire; Car accident with total destruction; etc.
All-risk insurance: This is the ideal coverage for a 0km car. It's the most complete, and includes coverage for partial damage. In fact, for 0Km cars, you usually find lower prices in this type of coverage (which hiring the same coverage for a used) because the insurers consider that the owners of a 0Km, will be more careful with the vehicle.
Repair in official workshops: when Contratás all risk coverage, many companies have the possibility to repair the car in official workshops. That's important, because it allows you to keep the car's factory warranty.

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