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Why does the cost of my vehicle insurance vary?

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20.01.2018 a las 00:14 hs 0 3 0

Why does the cost of my vehicle insurance vary?

There are many variables that affect the cost of insurance for your car, know how it changes and choose the best option.
In Lima, car thefts range from 18 to 20 cars per day, according to data provided by the Vehicle Theft Division (DIROVE). Given this reality, vehicle insurance is destined to protect our investment, ie our car.

But to acquire one that really fits your needs, it is necessary to know what the price of the same, because even if the same insurance, not all insurance costs the same. This is because the price of the insurance is calculated using different variables, such as the level of coverage and the brand, model and price of the car.

As for coverage, your insurance may be civil liability (only covers damages to third parties in the event of an accident), total loss (in addition to liability, resets the vehicle in the event of total destruction) and all risks (includes the previous two But also the repair of the vehicle in case of different accidents).

It also imports the brand, model and price of the car because the vehicles are rated as low, medium and high risk. To assign this qualification, the insurers analyze different variables, one of them is the number of accidents (thefts) in which the models have been involved.

After considering everything, we will see that, for example, the insurance of a Hyundai i10 would cost less than that of a Nissan Sentra, to be considered the first of lower risk. In addition, it is important to note that for some specific brands and models, insurers request that GPS be installed to access total loss coverage.

Another fact to consider is the deductible, which refers to the amount that the user must assume when an accident occurs. If the deductible is 15%, it means that if the repair of the car cost $600, the user must cover $90.

You can compare the prices of vehicle insurance available on the market for the different brands and models of cars using the vehicle insurance Comparabien and also request many of them from the same page and without any other hassle.

It is always advisable not to be carried at first sight for the lowest price but to be informed of everything that your insurance will cover and what you will have to pay in each case. Many times the cheap thing goes expensive, keep that in mind.

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