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Situations in which car insurance does not take over a claim

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20.01.2018 a las 00:20 hs 0 1 0

Did you know that there are situations in which car insurance does not take over a claim?

There are situations in which companies can refuse to deal with compensation after an accident. The most common causes? Recklessness, carelessness, and some fortuitous circumstances.

When you don't offer car insurance coverage?
In the event of an imprudence, the companies will not assume the expenses incurred. At the same time, the driver will have to deal with a corresponding fine. In short, an imprudence in the steering wheel can bring very serious consequences, in addition to the appropriate penalties. Some of the cases where you can give an imprudence? From driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To participation in illegal careers and omission of the duty of relief. At the same time, transporting more passengers or more cargo than permitted is also classified as recklessness.

Another of the cases in which the insurance does not offer coverage, is before an oversight. From a dismissal with the dates of the ITV. Even a simple oblivion can cause insurers to get out of the corresponding compensation. It is understood by carelessness, the theft of the vehicle with the keys placed and the theft of the objects that are inside. And even drive without ITV or without license and roadside assistance on unsuitable roads for circulation.

Finally, faced with a fortuitous circumstance, the company can refuse to deal with the corresponding expenses. As an example, to have an accident against a relative. Also, if the cause of the accident is a minor of 25 years or a driver less than 5 years old of the card, the insurance does not cover it either.

In short, before hiring car insurance, it is important that you know in which cases the company will not offer coverage.

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