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What is the best car insurance

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What is the best car insurance

If you've just bought a car, it's important to know which car insurance is best, day by day the risk of an accident increases and not having car insurance can backfire.

The penalties for not having one go from 2.800 pesos in Mexico City, to 1.460 pesos in the state of Mexico. For most Mexicans, insurance means an expense that is not covered by its high costs.

Have you ever wondered what the best car insurance is? Fortunately it is not as complicated as before, the ample opportunities that exist today give us the freedom to study each one of them.

Car Insurance in Mexico City is already an obligation to travel by road, to choose which the best car insurance you have to take into account some features.

Product Type: Insurers have different products, policies and coverages for each of your needs, you have to choose the product that best suits your needs.
Identity: Before choosing a car insurance company, we recommend that you check in the CONDUSEF the responsible insurers and know their qualification in terms of service, quality and customer care.
Company size: We have to choose the insurance company that offers us the highest value added in each insurance. Although it is good to have a continuity with the insurer, because it can bring us long-term benefits.
Financial strength: Find out what kind of solidity the insurer has, to know if it will be able to pay in case of any event.
Counseling and services: It is important that the insurer you choose has insurance agents that explain the options and variants that you count on hiring each insurance.
Claims: Check the claims of the insurer and why they are, so you know if the insurer has a bad service, lack of support, does not have replacement of the premium.
Premium Value: It is important to know what the premium value of a certain insurance is.
Agents: The agents of the insurance company must have a broad knowledge of the business, laws, risks and culture of insurance in general.
Insurance is handled regularly by packages that include the following coverages.

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