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Car insurance

Car insurance is one of the most contracted products in the insurance industry and if we consider the number of vehicles circulating in the Federal district this can be quite obvious to us: only in the year 2012 the number of vehicles circulating was 4, 615,2276 According to data from the INEGI. Traffic and road is too much for such a small space as Mexico City, so day by day there are a lot of incidents and crashes and the number of stolen cars is quite high, which makes car insurance become a handset Ad.

In the year 2014, the number of stolen vehicles was approximately 63.430 units in the country, for this reason risking not having insurance in a city with a high rate of theft is simply unthinkable. For this reason, insurers have taken a very important role in the measures to reduce the loss of users and offer different types of insurance for motorists who want to have a policy that covers incidents, collisions and thefts.

In the year 2014 the most stolen cars were:

·Jetta A6

Of 63.430 stolen vehicles in the 2014, around 11.417 were Tsuru following the Jetta with 2.872 stolen units. (Data taken from AMIS). These are very commercial cars that represent a significant number of circulation in Mexico and for this reason the demand for spare parts is very high, which makes the theft of vehicles of the most commercial lines a very lucrative market that expands year by year. If we add this to that in Mexico we are one of the countries with the highest number of casualties, the number of those who require a car insurance becomes impressive.

Even with these figures the number of insured vehicles is 27%, a very low percentage to consider this situation. This indicates the large market that still exists in this sector and that therefore draws the attention of insurance companies to improve prices, sales strategies, hedges and publicity. In addition, high competitiveness in the sector has caused prices to fall more and more to such an extent that some insurance companies have lost in the car insurance industry so as not to leave the market.

Damage to third parties

We already saw the number of vehicle theft generated in Mexico and have not yet considered the responsibility we have as drivers of a vehicle.

The transit regulation has been reformed to ensure that the population always has a protection of at least Civil liability (damages to third parties). Before January of the 2015 this insurance was demanded to vehicles model 2011 from now on and from January of 2015 it began to apply to vehicles model 2008 from now on, with a value equal or greater than the $162.255 reflected in the invoice of the vehicle; For the 2016 this measure will apply to vehicles of model 2005 to follow with the vehicles model 2002 from now on from the year 2017.

Compulsory insurance must have at least a civil liability coverage for persons with a minimum of $100.000 of insured amount, to cover injury or death of a third party, and $50.000 for property damage. It is important to consider that today causing the death of a third party can make us responsible for the payment of more than 3 million pesos for compensation to the family, so a coverage of $100.000 is well below the ideal or necessary. At present, insurance generally provides for this coverage a minimum of 3 million pesos and sometimes a complement of 2 million plus traditional "liability" coverage, which covers both damage to property and people.

The fines to which we can make credit for failing to comply with these standards range from 20 to 40 days of minimum wage (about $1.400 to $2.800) and the cost of this insurance is variable but is around $350 for damages to third parties in people and $1.000 PA Damages to third parties in their property, costs that will protect us for the period of one year.

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