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Keys to keep your car safe every day

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22.01.2018 a las 01:51 hs 0 1 0

Keys to keep your car safe every day

Your dream is to keep your car in the best condition. Whether you're new or wearing it for months or years, it becomes an inseparable companion who deserves the best care.

A car is synonymous with quality of life and represents a great investment of money and time, so the fact that it is in good condition means for you tranquility and well-being. However, if you do nothing for it will be inevitable that your vehicle will deteriorate gradually and beach frequently... goodbye to the comfort at the moment to mobilize and hello to invest more money than you already spend on repairs.

Even more troubling: that your car is no longer safe for you and your loved ones. Act preventively and check carefully, learn to read the signals sent to you, complies with the periodic maintenance required and not skimp efforts to, in colloquial words, keep it as a silver cup.

Keep in mind these recommendations and make your car a possession that shines not only for its beauty but also for its protective capacity in various situations. Some of these measures may be familiar to you, but it is essential that you do not forget them. Good practices depend on constancy!

1. Check the tires: Look at all days that are not punctured, have the correct inflation pressure and do not have any worrying wear. The latter are normal and inevitable to some extent (maximum two millimeters) because they may be producing uncomfortable vibrations on the steering wheel at the time of driving the car. It is there when it is necessary to align and balance the vehicle and rotate the tires. To learn more about how to take care of them, click here.

How to keep tires in good condition to take care of your car?

2. Wash and Aspíralo: it may seem obvious but it is not. Keeping your car clean on the outside and inside will not only make you feel better as a driver or passenger (who doesn't like that the environment of a car is pleasing to the senses?) but will help the bodywork to be retained in a better state. If you're the one who washes it, remember to do it at least every two weeks with a bucket of water. Avoid water-saving hoses and use soft items to keep them from scratching.

3. Beware of lighting: Your car's lights are your third eye while driving. Check that they are well before starting the walk and keep an eye on the correct operation.

4. Attention to the car filters: You must check the period of change of each one of them according to the maintenance manual. Air, oil, and fuel filters have a life-span and must be replaced periodically to ensure they remain well.

5. Brake maintenance: Do not let more than 20,000 kilometers pass without checking them. If you hear very loud noises, be cautious because damage to the braking system may have occurred or the pastes will be worn. Tires are essential for the vehicle to brake properly, so do not relax. Do it gently!

6. Batteries to the battery: the lifespan of these ranges between 2 and 3 years. Every three months it is important that you check the load at a SURA Auto service center. Do not abuse them by connecting numerous devices as this could cause a prompt impact on their operation.

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