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Keep your car brakes in optimum condition

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22.01.2018 a las 01:56 hs 0 5 0

Keep your car brakes in optimum condition

When you drive your car, the way you behave behind the wheel greatly determines your safety, that is, if you respect the traffic signals, do not exceed the speed and handle in a preventive attitude, you will take care of yourself and your loved ones.

However, the state in which your vehicle is located is also essential to avoid accidents. You know, for example, how are the brakes on your car? Surely, that these do not work or that you do not manage to stop the car in time are nightmares that you do not want to be realized.

So that you are prepared and you movilices calm, these keys will help you to keep the brakes of your vehicle in excellent condition. In addition, if you want to expand the information, participate on Wednesday cars SURA on May 18 in Bogotá, Medellin, Cali or Bucaramanga. We will address this important issue there.

Check the status of your car's brakes. Take it periodically to a service center like the SURA car for an expert to check. Do not let more than 20000 kilometers pass without your vehicle being given a good inspection.
Evaluate your way of braking and, in general, driving: if you brake strongly and untimely frequently, you drive with overcrowding or you mobilize in mountainous areas very often, the wear of the brakes of your vehicle will be greater, which means that you must Examine them more often.

Learn to read the signs your car sends you. If you feel a strange vibration at the time of braking, some component of the braking system is likely to be damaged or requires maintenance, or that the tires have some imbalance.
A shrill noise may mean damage to the brake system or the pads or pads (depending on the brake system) are worn. An unusual sound when braking is only justified if these are new.
If the brakes are not in good condition, the braking distance increases. This means that your car will take longer to slow down or travel a longer distance before stopping, so you can crash or hurt someone. Make sure that a qualified technician checks the brake fluid, filters and the complete braking system.
Take care of the state of the tires. If they are very worn, especially in the tread — the rim area that has contact with the ground — you are also at risk that your car will not stop in time.
If the brake is too hard, the pads or brake discs may be damaged. On the contrary, if the brake sinks more than usual, the pads may be excessively worn, the brake fluid dirty or deteriorated, or there is a leak in the system. Don't wait to take your vehicle for review.
When changing your vehicle's brake pads or bands, keep in mind that there are different qualities in the market. Make sure they comply with the manufacturer's recommended design and safety standards.

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